Psychotherapy and The Wizard of Oz

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  An Excerpt from Even a Stone Can Be a Teacher by Sheldon Kopp (Edited and Published by Dr Mitch Keil)   In the original story, Dorothy, the young heroine of the tale, is an orphan who has come to live with her foster parents, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. Their home is dull and […]

Common Psychological Defense Mechanisms


Common Psychological Defense Mechanisms   Defense mechanisms are psychological habits that we all have to manage deeper and often unconscious anxieties. These anxieties are often built in childhood and born out how we stayed connected to important people early in our lives, how we managed early emotional difficulties or even coped with trauma. They are […]

How to Process Your Emotions


What does it mean to process your feelings? “I don’t know how I feel, I am just processing my feelings about it all still.” You may have heard someone say something like this before. Typically, what people actually mean when they say this, is that they are ruminating. They are interpreting a situation or mauling […]

2 Critical Pieces of Advice for Supporting a Spouse with Depression


Supporting a spouse who battles depression can be emotionally draining and challenging. As a loving partner, it’s natural to want to help them through their difficult times, but it’s essential to approach this delicate situation with care and understanding. Let us explore two critical pieces of advice to effectively support your partner while safeguarding your […]

20 Pieces of Advice for 20 Somethings

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1. You don’t have to love it, just get out there I use to work at John Wayne Airport for a specialty cargo company shipping mostly exotic fish, dead bodies, and cigarettes – no joke. I took the job when I was 16 years old after thumbing through a website called (now something comparable […]

Why Do I Feel Anxious When Things are Calm?


Why does anxiety sometimes ramp up when things are calm?  In times of calm, we are more reflective, and more in touch with ourselves. We have a moment to take stock of the way we are living and compare that against the way we wish we were living. If they don’t match, we can experience […]

You Are Not Your Diagnosis


Diagnosis and Symptoms: How helpful are they? Our culture has really done an amazing job at reducing social stigma around psychological issues. Unfortunately, in that process, we have somehow traded out stigma for a medicalized, symptom-focused, shallow understanding of ourselves and our mental health. On the positive side, you won’t get a scarlet letter for […]

Anxiety Disorders: What You Need to Know

Anxiety Disorders: What You Need to Know

When you hear the word “anxiety” most people almost immediately think of “stress.” While not totally wrong, this pairing is also incomplete. Unlike stress, anxiety disorders do not need to be based in reality or on some objective level of stress. Anyone can understand why someone might be stressed, but it’s not always easy to […]

Therapy for Teens: What to Expect


Our goal is to create a real relationship with you from our very first therapy session – one in which you feel safe to open up, express yourself, explore issues, and begin healing.It helps some to have a framework of what you might be getting into by starting therapy.