Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy in Newport Beach

What is Marriage Counseling

In therapy, you will begin facing the big issues standing in the way of your relationship. We will help you and your partner develop  the kind of connection, love, and communication you have both been wanting. With our expert marriage therapists, you will begin tackling the big issues, challenges, and dynamics between you. Although the content of couples contentions vary, in our experience, relationship issues consistently boil down to three themes: power, trust, and recognition. We want to help you finally face these issues and transform your relationship. The success rates for couples who enter counseling are incredibly high, you can have hope that things can be different and we will help you get there. Successful marriage therapy is about learning new tools, skills, and insights both about yourself and the other person. People often come in to change their relationship and in the process often end up changing their own lives for the better too.

Types of Marriage Therapy

We rely on a combination of Psychodynamic Therapy, Imago Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) and the principles of the Gottman Method, a proven approach to couples therapy. In terms of the structure of our treatment, we meet once a week for 50 minutes. We also regularly encourage between session work and provide unique “homework” assignments for couples to address.  For those without a willing partner, we want to help you too. We can help you to better navigate the challenges in your relationship. When you make changes, your partner is forced to respond in healthier ways too. Often times, partners become more willing to start therapy when their significant other begins the work. Give us a call and we can help you figure out what approach might work best for your situation.

Please check out of recent post on Why We Become Symptomatic in Relationships to learn more about the underpinnings of our psychologies in the context of relationships. This can give you some more insight into how we think about couples and approach our work in therapy. 

How to know when you need marriage counseling

You and your partner have become indifferent towards each other

Lies and secrets permeate the relationship

Your relationship lacks intimacy 

You view one another as the antagonist 

Issues of infidelity 

You keep having the same arguments over and over again 

Dishonesty in all its forms

Trouble expressing yourself emotionally

Sex life is struggling or non-existent

Find yourselves living separate lives (often sleeping separately too)

General disinterest in each other or each others lives 

Communication is offline, volatile, or consistently negative

How to Get Started

The best way to get started is simply to reach out. Psychologists who specialize in relationship issues are particularly skilled at helping people to come up with a game plan. We spend time with you on the initial call to begin understanding the key issues at hand and develop an approach to starting therapy that works for you and your unique situation. Give us a call or text anytime at 714-334-5497. You can also reach out to our couples specialist Whitney Fielder, LMFT directly at 949-677-6142 with any questions or to schedule a first session.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve found one! Search your local area for someone who you think is a good fit. Resources like Healthgrades, google, and yelp are great tools. We have a great reputation in Newport Beach and would love to go on this journey with you. You can reach out to us directly using the contact information below.

The average length of sessions are 50 minutes, once per week. Some couples like to start twice a week and then move to once a week after gaining significant ground in the beginning of therapy. We collaborate with our patients on establishing the right cadence of sessions during the first visit.

The success rates for couples therapy are incredibly high. Based on current research, success rates are typically upwards of 90%. We meet this by utilizing our unique, therapeutic techniques and approach (Psychodynamic, EFT, Imago, and Gottman Method). We see very similar success rates on par with the current literature. 

Rates vary by clinician. Please reach out to us directly to discuss rates and our process of PPO reimbursement via SuperBill. Your rate per session will vary based on what your PPO plan will cover. We can help you navigate this process.

The terms couples therapy, couples counseling, and marriage counseling are really synonyms for the same process. There is no remarkable difference between the terms and the process of each kind of therapy. It is better to read more about the type of approach used by each practitioner and determine whether that approach is the best fit for your unique dynamic and situation. You do not have to be married to engage in couples counseling and we encourage this kind of therapy for a range of partnerships (e.g. business partnerships, challenging friendships, premarital issues, and co-parenting after a divorce). 


We also specialize in family and parent-adult-child therapy too. The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists reports an overall success rate of 98%. The success of couples therapy and other factors contributes to a decreasing divorce rate in the United States.

We encourage finding someone with an LMFT degree as they are often trained specifically in couple’s and family work. We use a unique, and often successful approach that relies on Emotion-Focused, Gottman, and psychodynamic methods. These methods are the most effective per the research and pulling from these three major techniques tends to work really well together. They are depth-oriented and help couples get to the roots of the recurring issues and themes both within each partner and acted out in the dynamics and communication between partners.