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Insurance and Office Information

Insurance Information

The psychologists at Keil Psych Group are “fee for service” providers. This means that you are responsible for payment and we are responsible for providing the necessary receipt of services for you to get reimbursed. All billing is done via card placed on file through our “Client Portal”, this includes HSA Cards. 

We will not bill your insurance company directly, but will provide you with an invoice (“Super Bill”). A superbill is a receipt of services designed specifically for insurance companies that contains the necessary CPT codes, diagnostic codes, and NPI number for your reimbursement. This is how most private practice’s operate in terms of billing and insuranceWe generate a superbill for you moments after your first session so you can submit it right away. We will make sure you know what insurance is reimbursing before your second session and continuing therapy. 

Most of our patients who use PPO insurance report between forty and ninety percent of session cost being returned to them. Clients who use their PPO insurance in our group report ease and success in submitting claims. Although we don’t work with insurance companies directly we would be glad to walk you through exactly what you need to do to submit a claim. 

With regards to HMO plans, you need to first go to your GP and let them know you would like to see a therapist. After it is approved by your insurance, ask for a list of “in-network HMO providers.” They will send you a list of people contracted with their insurance panel who can see you. These people do not usually have websites or an online presence. We hear from many of our patients that they tried this route and either couldn’t find someone accepting new patients or were very disappointed with the quality of care.

Finding a Psychologist

Many share that they have tried several in-network providers before exploring other options. It’s your mental health we are talking about here and it’s worth finding a qualified provider with a good reputation. These psychologists are typically not on insurance panels. In the case that we can’t see you here in our practice, we would still be glad to help you locate the right provider for you. We want people to get the best help possible given whatever constraints are present. This is a part of our mission and we regularly spend time outside of session helping people find their way into appropriate care. 

Office Environment

Our office space is extremely private and confidential. It is often described as “homey, soothing, and relaxing.” We are only a few steps from your car into the elevator just inside the entrance, no parking structure or ticket validating. Once inside you will go up to the top floor where there is a quiet, private, waiting room. We pride ourselves on creating a safe, confidential, easy-to-access, and comforting environment. 

Information you may need to consult your insurance provider:

Update Regarding Current Health Crisis

We are continuing to provide in-person care at Keil Psych Group and have taken several extra measures to ensure office cleanliness. We have augmented daily cleaning procedures with the use of hospital-grade disinfectant products, have made hand sanitizer readily available, and are actively promoting best practices recommended by the CDC. 

Additionally, we have installed industrial grade air filters/purifiers and are abiding by social distancing mandates by maintaining 6ft between our couches. We sanitize between sessions with hospital-grade disinfectant and make sure all who enter use sanitizer before and after session. 

Our offices furniture is new and the space is large and clean. We are NOT in a medical building and there is very little traffic in our building outside of this practice. It is a very safe place to come for therapy. No one on our team has come down with Covid to date and we have not had a single case in our practice since day one of the pandemic. 

If however, you would like to conduct your session via Teletherapy (Phone, FaceTime, or Zoom) during this situation we would be glad to do that and it is in no way a compromise in care. Teletherapy is an effective way to begin your therapy before transitioning to in-person therapy after the acute health crisis (or at least when you feel more comfortable).

Our providers are also now vaccinated for COVID-19.