Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

"Its like I can never fully relax. I keep finding myself in the same old patterns and intruded upon by the past. Why can't now be now!?"

Those who have experienced trauma often report an aching sense that their real self and true capabilities are buried somewhere below the surface and yearn for the day when that person can come forth. For years, some find safety in the idea that others had it worse, but the reality is, what you experience is real and its yours. The resiliency, insight, and evolution I have seen people inhabit in working through trauma or challenging childhoods speaks to the incredible laden strengths and unique sensitivities that survivors of these circumstances often possess. The journey out is through, and when people decide to embark - something amazing happens, and life can be as imagined. The people that enter this process often want more for themselves and of themselves, and this is frequently the result. I have helped many to overcome and resolve the symptoms of PTSD and get their lives back.  I enjoy helping people find recovery from trauma and meeting them exactly where they are on their journey.