Huntington Beach Teen Therapy

"I just want to feel normal again"
"I am so exhausted from worrying"

Located 35 miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles, Huntington Beach is a scenic coastal community in Orange County. According to the 2020 census, it’s home to over 198,000 residents, ranking fourth in the county’s most populous cities. Also known as the “Surf City USA,” this area boasts a sprawling 9.5-mile beach.

Huntington Beach, renowned for its temperate climate and year-round sunshine, is an ideal starting point for excursions to Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland. The city has a pleasant climate, a good environment, lively bar scenes, outdoor recreation, safety, racial diversity, and excellent schools.

With its pleasant climate and affluent neighborhoods, the Huntington Beach location is a residential haven. However, good quality of life doesn’t always guarantee stable mental health.

Children, teens, and young adults are particularly susceptible to mental health problems due to stress, life transitions, and traumatic events. If left untreated, these can adversely affect their daily life. A trusted therapist can offer professional help and guidance during this difficult time.

How To Know When Your Teen Needs Help

Sound adolescent mental health is essential for teenage development and healthy relationships. Many parents may find themselves asking: is it just typical teen behavior? Thankfully, parents can rely on mental health professionals for therapy for teens. Seeking therapy is an ideal way of uncovering and addressing mental health issues for young people.

It can be challenging to determine if your teenagers are experiencing severe problems and behavioral issues or if their actions represent a typical adolescent phase. A good place to start is by observing your teen’s daily life and behavioral pattern and watching out for these troubling high-risk behaviors:

  • Expressing suicidal thoughts
  • Talking about or contemplating harming themselves
  • Engaging in self-harm behaviors
  • Abusing alcohol and other substances
  • Withdrawing from favorite hobbies
  • Constantly feeling anxious, hopeless, or angry
  • Having difficulty focusing
  • Changing sleeping or eating disorder
  • Withdrawing from family members
  • Lowered self-esteem

If you have observed concerning changes in your teen’s behavior, seek psychotherapy services and treatment from a teen therapy center.

It is important to recognize certain warning signs so that you can promptly seek immediate help for your teen. Starting therapy with a trained mental health professional and therapist in a trusted teen therapy center can advise you on how to help and support your teenager.

How Teen Counseling Works

Typically, teen therapy with a family therapist begins with addressing underlying mental health conditions and unique challenges with the ultimate goal to find solutions. According to research, psychotherapy during the adolescent and young adult years have a profound, long-lasting effect on leading a productive adulthood life.

To provide your teens with the best possible life — free from anxiety and depression — it is crucial to address mental health concerns with therapists. Keil Psych Group’s team of licensed therapists is committed to providing counseling, therapy, and behavioral strategies for adolescents in a safe environment.

Through evidence-based treatments and assessment services, our teen psychologists and family therapist help and assist teens and young adults find their voices and establish healthy boundaries.

During the very first therapy session, our objective is to establish a genuine rapport with teens and allow them to talk. We differ from other practices because we provide more than just basic coping skills. We want your adolescent to feel understood and supported.

Schedule Teen Therapy – Huntington Beach

Our experienced therapists offer in-person services and support at our Newport office. We also offer services other areas of California, such as Irvine, Newport Beach, and Orange County.

Even though in-person sessions are preferable, we also provide teletherapy or online therapy. If you reside in Long Beach, Seal Beach, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, or other areas, you can always opt for our teletherapy.

It’s never too late to get started on the road to recovery! Schedule an appointment with Keil Psych Group by calling (714) 334-5479.

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