Diagnosis and Treatment

Anxiety and Stress

"I just want to feel normal again"
"I am so exhausted from worrying"

“Anxiety” is a catch all phrase for a cluster of very different disorders.  Anxiety around a specific event (e.g. crowds, social gatherings) or object (e.g. spiders, germs) is much different from anxiety that looms overhead at all times, as is the case in Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  Each requires a different and unique approach, however, they often share a common symptomatic presentation. If you are feeling chronically keyed-up or on edge, startled easily, have difficulty concentrating, experiencing racing thoughts, uncontrollable and excessive worry or sleep disturbances  you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Sometimes anxiety shows up as mysterious health conditions like gastrointestinal distress (e.g. IBS), heart arrhythmia’s, chronic pain, or headaches. Whichever your unique experience, there is help. Anxiety can be properly treated and in a relatively short amount of time.  People that are suffering from anxiety disorders often feel at their wits end and exhausted in managing this uphill battle. There is real help and hope in overcoming this life-limiting illness. We have experience as specialized anxiety counselors in helping people of all ages overcome anxiety and get back to enjoying and living their lives.

Our approach is primarily psychodynamic. In other words, we believe that we are often mysteries to ourselves and a psychologist is skilled at uncovering deeper, root issues often suppressed from our conscious thought. People often have thoughts, feelings, and inner conflicts they may not be aware of but which can produce the experience of conscious anxiety. Once those issues are brought to light, processed, and worked through people begin to feel immensely better. Its a faulty belief that what we choose to forget, “get over” or move on from can no longer affect us. This couldn’t be further from the truth, real freedom is understanding, allowing, and integrating these sworn off inner experiences. Utilizing both insight-oriented and mindfulness-based strategies in tandem is what gets people back on their feet and enjoying life again. We help people to make these important discoveries and can attest to the incredible healing that can occur. You don’t have to live chronically anxious and the place to start is right here.