Breakthrough: The Building Blocks of Therapy

Therapists from all walks of life and degrees know the challenges of working with teens and young adults. The first session arrives and enters the teen who slinks in and sits arms-crossed at the furthest possible place on the adjacent couch. Then begins the barrage of questions, quickly answered with one of three answers “Yes, No, I don’t know.” You want to connect, they want to connect. But it’s just too much for someone who might be anxious, treatment resistant, or scared of meeting with someone in a therapy setting for the first time. Cue Breakthrough! A psychotherapeutic game developed by expert adolescent and young adult clinical psychologist Dr. Mitch Keil. Breakthrough is aimed at alleviating the anxiety of first sessions, building rapport, and getting the key information necessary to begin or restart an effective psychotherapy. This fun, block stacking game takes the heavy, direct focus off of the patient and into a game where a real, meaningful dialogue can begin.