Group Therapy

Mindfulness/Meditation Group
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Dr. Keil has 10 years of experience in mindfulness and meditation practices and has published studies in scientific journals on the benefits of regular meditation. Mindfulness has gained strong scientific backing in improving the lives of those who practice regularly. This group uses an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework aimed at an introduction to meditation through experiential exercises and brief mindfulness practices. In the course of the group, you will learn the most effective and transformation cornerstone practices of mindfulness including diaphragmatic breathing, thought defusion, centering, body-scan and mindful walking practices. Regular mindfulness practice has demonstrated the following benefits: significant decreases in anxiety, depression, burnout, and stress. Increases in immune functioning, overall health, emotion regulation and concentration. In a recent study, mindfulness practice actually proved to significantly reduce the rate of cellular aging by slowing down the degeneration of Telomeres, the “protective protein caps” at the end of our DNA strands. (Click Here for study).  The benefits are well documented in recent scientific journals and have caught the field by storm. This program is a great adjunct to psychotherapy.  Contact Dr. Keil today to find out more and join our engaging, transformative group. The cost is $50 per person/per session.