Dr. Tara Donoghue

PsyD Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Tara Donoghue is a licensed clinical psychologist who holds a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology graduating with honorable mention for dissertation excellence.  She specializes in health psychology and the mind-body relationship.  Through her integrative and holistic approach, she believes psychological well-being derive from addressing emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual facets of the human experience.  


She has experience working with individuals across the lifespan with diverse backgrounds.  She has received rigorous training at some of California’s most prestigious healthcare institutions. She completed her internship at Kaiser Permanente, San Diego, in the Department of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine.  During her post-doctoral residency at the VA Department of Mental Health in Loma Linda, Dr. Donoghue served our veteran population by offering individual and group therapy as well as integrated behavioral medicine interventions. 


Dr. Donoghue's patients describe her as authentic, insightful, and empathic.  She emphasizes the importance of creating a safe, comfortable, therapeutic environment in which deeper work can take place.  Her therapeutic style combines psychodynamic, humanistic, and attachment-based theories (insight based) while incorporating mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral strategies to help with symptom management and piloting change. She is a Southern California native and regularly spends time in nature by gardening, going to the beach, camping, hiking, and traveling to national parks.  

Dr. Tara Donoghue, PsyD