Academic/Intelligence Testing
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Intelligence and academic testing offers a highly informative, detailed, and specific outline of yours or your adolescents abilities (intelligence) and how they apply those abilities in an academic environment (academic).  As you might guess, knowing the difference between the two and how scores compare to same-aged peers is critical to understanding if performance is at its optimal level or whether some learning difficulty is mediating the relationship between those capacities.  Common learning disorders usually appear as inaccurate or slow and effort-full word reading, difficulty understanding the meaning of what is read, challenges in spelling or written expression, difficulties with mastering number sense, number facts, or calculations as well as mathematical reasoning.  All of these issues can be distinguished and pinpointed through a thorough evaluation and many can be effectively treated in a manner aligned with ones strengths.  My unqiue approach consists of creating a custom, research-supported testing battery to accurately identify a diagnosis, explain it simply and clearly, and then coordinate care with important others in the students life (school counselor, tutor, IEP, coach). 


If you have any questions about how these services can be helpful for you or your child please contact me.  I will be happy to explain the details of these procedures and help you make a decision as to whether these services will be benficial to you or your adolescent/young adult child.